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Greenwood Orchards is located at Merrigum in the Goulburn Valley, about 170 km north of Melbourne. Henry Greenwood first established the orchard in 1906.  During this time orchardists were using solely organic fertilisers such as manure.  Management of the orchard was then conceded to Henry’s wife Rhoda during the 1920’s.  Rhoda continued to run the orchard until her son Farrendon (Farrie) took over during the World War II.  During this time Farrie developed a fruit drying enterprise.  Organic farming methods were used, despite the increasing introduction of artificial fertilisers.

Lynton uses a number of distributors, the largest being the Biodynamic Marketing Company, which sends his pears and apples to most Australian states. Some of the fruit is processed into Biodynamic juices: pear, apple, and apple/pear. The juices have no additives and are pasteurised at the lowest possible temperature in order to retain the inherent nutritional quality of the fruit.


The entrance to the orchard and the old homestead “Glenara”


First forklift used on the orchard.

In 1964, Farrie converted to Bio-dynamics under the guidance of Alex Podolinsky.  In the early years, Demeter certification (the first organic certification in Australia) catered for growers who were required to spray some chemicals for market requirements, by providing a Grade C certification in addition to Grade A (fully Bio-dynamic), and Grade B (Bio-dynamic in conversion). Grade C was later withdrawn as the organic industry and the organic market developed sufficiently. During these years, Farrie used limited chemicals at half recommended rates. Farrie became a leading Bio-dynamic practitioner and advisor of enormous influence within Australia. FarrieFarrendon Francis Greenwood in 1974.
Farrie’s wife Audrey was an active participant in the life of the orchard until her late 80s, had a warm and profound influence on many people’s lives far and wide, and had an immensely encouraging influence on the development of the Bio-dynamic Agricultural Association of Australia over the years. audreyAudrey Mary Greenwood nee Maxwell in 2005.
Farrie’s son Lynton took over management of the orchard in 1986. He immediately stopped spraying chemicals on the 40 acre block nearest the house, and progressively stopped spraying the rest of the orchard in the following years. The main orchard is now Bio-dynamic (Grade A).  In 2008 a local orchard was purchased and is now Certified Bio-dynamic. Apple varieties grown are mainly Granny Smiths, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, Fuji, Braeburn, Royal Gala and Sundowners, while pears include Packham, Williams, Winter Nelis, Buerre Bosc, Josephine Clapps, Red D’Anjou, Green D’Anjou and Red Sensation. Lynton.in.orchardLynton Maxwell Greenwood in 2009.
Greenwood Orchards have hosted the annual conference of the BDAAA since 1987.  This event is a wonderful opportunity for bio-dynamic farmers to gather together and share experiences and knowledge, while enjoying some fantastic bio-dynamic food and wine.
The orchard is a family affair including Joan and Lynton’s children; Joel, Claire, James and Alex, and Lynton’s sister Debbie Greenwood and her daughter Kate. Not to mention the best worker in history, David Carrol. 🙂